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Samira Said rebukes the age of 60 with these scenes

When women were 60 years old, they thought they had become old and lost much of their beauty and splendor. Today, however, with the development that we are witnessing, women are fascinated by beauty and youth even after they are over 60, like star Samira Said, who has rebelled against her age through distinctive and modern looks.

Where in the various official events or day-to-day walkers we see Samira Said sparkling with distinctive scenes combining the feminine style of soft and innovative youth style, and it is these scenes that made Samira Said look young and sparkling at the age of sixty.

These varied between the casual and youthful formations and the formal appearances in the distinctive evening dresses . These styles were coordinated with elegant accessories and soft jewelry , complemented by a general look.

We noticed that her choice of colors was bold and lively, sometimes sparkling with floral and sometimes green or blue or striking metal grades.

Samira Said and the mystery of her elegance in the 60s see the pictures or tell us what you think.

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