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Maya Diab and Nicolas Gibran Equivalent Equivalence

Considered Maya Diab of the stars of female daring in the Arab world appearances, and her style of fashion has always been controversial and out of the ordinary, especially with regard to the Arab world, and there are a number of fashion designers that deal with Maya and associated name them or vice versa is true, but the equation most Audacity is the combination of Maya Diab and Nicolas Gibran.

Where over the years we saw Maya in a number of innovative appearances by the global fashion Lebanese designer “Nicolas Gibran” , Nicolas Jebran designed in particular have been marked by these appearances being looked quite modern, innovative and end – like character Maya Diab bold.

Highlights of Maya Diab from Nicolas Gibran:

Maya chose in this style a soft- fitting Maxi dress by Nicolas Jebran With a single shoulder story and a long slit on the leg, coordinated by a high heel shoe and its famous nose accessory.

A colorful and short dress chosen by Maya Diab from Nicolas Gibran, a youthful design of silk cloth intertwined with each other in an artistic way.

Maya Diab in a formal black suit with the signature of Nicolas Gibran , stylish and trendy design of a large white collar coordinated with white shirt and accessories.

A silver sequin dress from the collection of Nicolas Gebran starring Maya Diab with the story of one shoulder, fits it a lot and the quality of the Almzouk.
View the photos of Maya Diab’s most famous scenes in Nicolas Jebran’s designs and tell us your opinion of this equation.

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