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Has Shrehan suffered a serious health setback?

Sources in the DMC channel denied the rights of the exclusive broadcast of the star plays Shreihan , which started on Thursday, about the deterioration of the health condition of the artist Shreihan after the return of the dreaded disease to attack her body. The channel confirmed that the artist is fine and has already finished filming the first play, .

Sources confirmed from the channel that she continued with the artist Shreihan and confirmed the authenticity of the common deterioration of her health and the recurrence of the pain of the disease again, as confirmed by the justice group production of the draft short plays, that the preparation to begin filming the second show did not stop, and all the rumors about the disease Shrehan Or its retreat from the decision to return to the art life is incorrect.

The channel confirmed that Shreihan is in good health and continues to follow the final preparations for theatrical performances with the foreign dance instructor and performances. The performances will be presented in the next stage on the stage and will be presented exclusively on the DMC channel through the “DMC Theater” The new program of the network early next year.

Shreihan’s contract with Al-Adl Group came after 15 years of absence from the artistic community for health reasons. Shreihan was scheduled to present 13 staged plays of female characters, including Marilyn Monroe, French fashion designer Coco Chanel, Mary Quinn, Rabaa Al Adawiya, Hatshepsut and Indira Gandhi, and has been contracted to be exclusively on the Egyptian DMC channel network. It was scheduled to start broadcasting during the Ramadan 2018 drama season, but the date has not yet been confirmed.

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