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Ahmed Hilmi to settle controversy over his participation in “Arabes Got Talent”

The Egyptian artist Ahmad Helmy has decided to apologize for not participating in the new season of “Arabes Got Talent” because he is busy traveling outside Egypt to shoot his new film as soon as possible so that he can catch up with the Eid al-Adha season. Al-Hilmi, who started the performance tests in Cairo on Thursday and published the first publicity for the program through his account at Instagram, confirmed his participation in the new season, especially since he will not attend the meeting today.

Hilmi published the official propaganda for the performance tests scheduled today and tomorrow in Cairo, and commented on them, saying: Dear Sirs, if he has or has any real talent, he will take the tests and everyone has a good luck, God willing. ”

Hilmi did not hint at the step In the program, and even when he suffered a severe illness, he filmed some episodes hidden from all the fact that he suffered a tumor in the back, and also directed several appeals to the former comedian Nasser al-Kasabi return to the jury, and the Lebanese artist Najwa Karam But he recently had news that he was apologizing for completing the filming of the program for his preoccupation with filming his new film, especially that he is already outside Egypt to inspect the places of photography, and has only 30 days to complete the film in one of the European countries, so that the company Produced by printing copies and preparing propaganda before the Eid al-Adha season

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