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Abaya is suitable for short stature

For those who have a short stay or what is known in the world of fashion Petite Women and would like to choose the appropriate gown that does not appear clearly, it has to know some things before the purchase.

– Go to the uniform gowns of color or of two colors no more, be vertically adjusted to show your height longer than it is.

– Get away from the ankle-length, embroidered or embroidered gowns at the bottom of it, because it will attract attention to this section and show your natural height.

– Always go to the gowns with soft cuticles and designs streamlined, they are the most beautiful and appropriate.

– Refrain from wearing the belts, because it will divide the body into two halves and draw attention to your true length.

– Long chains and necklaces can be chosen with the abaya, which will earn you more length.

These are very simple tips, but many women do not care about them and ignore their impact on the look.

View photos attached, will guide you to the styles and designs gowns best suited for women with short stature Petite Women

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