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4 Dietary supplements you need to overcome back pain

Some types of supplements may help get rid of back pain. Physiotherapists are advised to choose some foods that help to perform well for muscles and joints. Know it in the following:

Vitamin D to eliminate muscle spasm in the morning
Do you suffer from pain in your bones and muscles, and feel that your joints are stiff in the morning? You probably have a vitamin D deficiency. This is not surprising as most people in the Middle East are deficient in vitamin D. Just consult your doctor for a blood test to prescribe the right dose of this vitamin.

Magnesium to fight muscle fatigue
Back pain may also be a sign of magnesium deficiency in the body as it ensures muscle contraction and relaxation . In the case of a decrease in this element, this leads to increased muscle fatigue and cause pain. In addition, magnesium fights stress and helps sleep better: these are two very important factors to avoid back pain .

Organic silicon is excellent for bones.
This mineral component is present in a large amount of bone, cartilage and skin, but with age, the reserve is depleted, and even the balanced diet does not give the body the necessary amount of it, making it difficult to renew cartilage and arthritis .
To compensate for the deficiency, choose the organic type of silicone because the body absorbs it and absorbs it better. It is found in a drinkable form or ointment placed on the painful areas of the body.

Conduitin for Flexibility The
function of this cartilage is to hold water, allowing cartilage to retain its elasticity. Kondroitin is also effective as an anti-inflammatory, so taking it as a dietary supplement helps prevent cartilage deterioration.
The appropriate dose is 1200 mg / day in two or three doses. The effectiveness of the dose is shown only after 4 to 8 weeks.
Note: Taking the dose with glucose will be more effective.

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